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Apex Legends Reddit Rant: Warzone has Apex players venting their frustrations to Respawn - Solo mode, Skill-based matchmaking, Server issues & more

With everything that has been added to Apex Legends in recent weeks (the System Override event, the introduction of Deja Loot mode and Evo Shields), you'd think that the community would be relatively satisfied, right?


Now that Call of Duty's Warzone is becoming the hot-new battle royale craze, Apex Legends players have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations to Respawn.

Continue reading below as we get to the bottom of the story.

The Reddit post

Infinity Ward has shocked the gaming community by committing heavily to the battle royale realm, with Warzone.

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INSANELY GOOD: Warzone has been extremely well received by the gaming community


Many are arguing that it has made a bigger splash than Fortnite's relaunch of Chapter 2.

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Hailed as the fastest-growing non-mobile game of all-time, it has now dethroned its battle royale opposition, Apex Legends.

And to make things worse for Respawn, Infinity Ward has already made a host of changes to improve user experiences within the first week.

This was the last straw for one player, who took to the Apex Legends subreddit to voice his frustrations in an essay-length post.

Continue reading to see what Reddit user Khronikos had to say.

Khronikos' Wrath

In his post, Khronikos highlights his concerns with Apex' current meta, while refraining from commenting on the ongoing issues of skill-based matchmaking and server issues.

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NOT A LAUGHING MATTER: Khronikos spared no detail in his epic Reddit rant

In one section, the user says:


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“World's Edge still needs a lot of tweaks to prevent funneling and height advantages across the map, and while [Kings Canyon] is great and all, it's not enough to keep people interested with the other issues we are not covering.”

And he wasn't sparing either, going into detail on his issues with the lack of Legend balancing, before finally drawing upon the lack of a 'solo's mode', despite one being introduced to Warzone within a week of launch.

The user definitely has a point, but it is generally quite hard to spearhead an attack on the game's developers single-handedly.

Khronikos will need to get his complaints into the public spotlight if he wants to see any changes being implemented.