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Apex Legends

18 Nov 2020

Apex Legends: Patch Fixes Rampart Turret Crypto Drone Exploit, Rewards Battle Pass Levels, Changes Weekly Challenges & more

A new Apex Legends patch has gone live!

This patch addresses the Rampart turret on Crypto drone glitch, fixes many bugs, adds new battle pass level rewards, reformats weekly challenges, and more.

Let's dive in.

Apex Legends Patch 18 November

The newest Apex Legends patch has arrived, and it makes some significant changes.

Rampart Turret Crypto Drone Glitch

Apex Legends players have enjoyed a glitch for days since its discovery, but it looks like Respawn has finally pushed a fix.

apex legends rampart
TAKE FLIGHT: Rampart's turrets on Crypto's drone caused a quick response from Respawn

The glitch involved putting Rampart's turret on Crypto's drone to create a flying weapon of destruction.

This was obviously seen as a broken and overpowered interaction by Respawn, and as such it has been removed from Apex Legends in the newest patch.

Battle Pass Levels

There's a brand new reward in Apex Legends for those that log in now - 10 Battle Pass levels!

Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass Grind Thumbnail
LEVEL UP: The Apex Legends Battle Pass is packed with great cosmetics

The Battle Pass has plenty of awesome content to unlock, so this head start is a welcome addition.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are back to their Season 6 formatting after player response.

apex legends challenges min
RISE AND GRIND: Apex Legends Weekly Challenges offer some big rewards

This will keep things simple for veteran Apex Legends players.

Bug Fixes

Respawn have fixed a range of bugs in Apex Legends.

While the Rampart and Crypto bug is obviously the largest, these will smooth out player experience in the game.

Audio Adjustments

Respawn have made some audio adjustments around Apex Legends.

Because it's so important to listen to catch opponents off-guard, it is something we expect players will notice fast.