Apex Legends Switch trailer released ahead of launch

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After months of waiting, the Apex Legends Nintendo Switch port is almost here.

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Ahead of the launch, Respawn Entertainment dropped a trailer for the upcoming handheld version.

Release Date

The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends will release on Tuesday, March 9th.


Frame Rate

While most competitive players are used to playing on anything from 60-360fps, the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends will likely see the game reduced down to just 30fps.

The Nintendo Switch is a fairly weak console, even by last gen's standards.

Other competitive games, such as Fortnite and Warface, only run at 30fps on the Nintendo Switch, meaning that Apex Legends will likely get the same treatment.

With so many fast paced and competitive games now on the Nintendo Switch, it does show that we need the rumoured Switch Pro more than ever, especially with the hardware gap growing even larger with the additions of the recently released PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


Ahead of the official launch next week, Respawn Entertainment has released a trailer showing off Nintendo Switch gameplay.

Check it out below.


To help Switch players catch up on the Season 8 Battle Pass, they will be granted 30 free levels and will earn double XP for the first two weeks after launch.

For a limited time, Switch players can also get an all-new Legendary Pathfinder skin - P.A.T.H. - .

Looking to make an instant impact? Unlock all Legends through Season 7, get over $100 worth of exclusive cosmetics, and 1,000 Apex Coins with the Champion Edition.


Season 8

On February 2nd, Apex Legends Season 8 will be launching, bringing a new Legend, new weapons, and a whole bunch of changes to the game.

New Legend

In the Stories from the Outlands trailer we get to meet the newest Legend to the game, Fuse.

The trailer shows Fuse and his best friend uncover "a bloody beautiful grenade", which began his love of explosives.

The trailer ends with the grenade exploding during an argument, causing Fuse to lose his arm.