Apex Legends - new LTM leaks reveal Date Night Duos

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Apex Legends Valentine's Day Event

Apex Legends is celebrating Valentine's day with a loved-up event which already has some leaks.

Limited time modes, or LTMs, are temporarily available besides the main battle royale game.

The new LTM for Valentine's Day has had some pretty big leaks already put out there by data miners.

Apex Legends most recent event, Spellbound, brought back a fan-favourite LTM called Control.

Leaks state that the new Valentine's LTM is called Date Night or Date Night Duos.

So, let's look at the Valentine's LTM, Date Night Duos, in Apex Legends.


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LTM Leaked Start Date

The leaks from @iLootGames stated the potential release date for this new LTM in the Valentine's Day event.

According to him, couples can get cosy in-game on February 7 2023.

Just one week ahead of the release of season 16, that time of year is looking to be especially busy.

This is expected to arrive in Season 15's next collection event, titled Celestial Sunrise'.

As most LTM last in-game for around two weeks, we would expect this mode to not be available from February 21 2023.

However, this is just speculation and was not mentioned in the leak from the content creator.

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Date Night Duos Leaks


Further information about the LTM stated that this mode stated that the game will most likely have a duos structure.

This seems pretty fitting for Valentine's event and is perfect for gamer couples!

Additionally, more information has surfaced about cupid's bow weapon featured in the event.

Apex Legends Valentine's Day event
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Titled The Heart Seeker not only does this weapon damage enemies but it... "additionally heals any allies near you when you damage an Enemy Legend".

There is also a new healing mechanic that shares healing between the duo but this is also applicable to shields too.

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