Apex Legends Monsters Within: The latest leaks ahead of the new event

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Halloween is a wonderful time of year for gamers - there are so many awesome in-game events to check out! Apex Legends' Halloween event - Monsters Within - is almost here and we've got all the leaks and official information about the event below. There's new skins, the return of Shadow Royale, and a lot more on offer...

START TIME - When should the event begin?

Respawn Entertainment hasn't confirmed when the Monsters Within event is due to start, but we're under the impression that it's going to begin at the same time as every other Apex Legends event - and we shouldn't see a client update, meaning there won't be a download!

Looking at previous events, we should see the Apex Legends event released on October 12th at the following times:

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 BST

This is the same time as the store refresh, too - so, expect to see the new items looked at below in-game from this time.


LEAKS - All the Monsters Within Legend skins

Shrugtal, a respected Apex Legends data miner, has offered us a look at all the new Apex Legends skins coming with the Monsters Within event.

We've already seen a handful of these in the Monsters Within announcement trailer - but, here's a look through everything else that's on the way too.

Firstly, we have the Legendary skins for Caustic, Revenant, Seer and Bloodhound.

Next up, there's a few Epic Legend skins for Wraith, Valkyrie, Horizon, and Gibraltar. These are going to be more similar to the default skin of these Legends - but also easier to craft and unlock.


On top of all this, the final reward in the Monsters Within Reward Track is the following Loba skin...

Monsters Within Store Rotation

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a few fan-favourite Halloween skins are coming back to the Monsters Within store during the event.

Gibraltar's Born in Blood, Wraith's Emerald Enchantress, Mirage's Old Town, and Crypto's Midnight Cipher are just some of these. You can check out the rest in the images below:

Apex Legends Monsters Within Leaks
click to enlarge
WORTH THE APEX COINS? - There's certainly a few deals in there...

In addition to this, the Dia de Los Muertos store sale is coming on October 26th. This is going to feature a few favourites - including Loba's Banshee Queen, Gibraltar's Darkside, and Bangalore's Soldado de la Muerte.


OFFICIAL - Monsters Within event announced

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the Monsters Within event is coming on October 12th and there's a lot to look forward to.

You can check out the cinematic below - Shadow Royale is back and there's going to be a lot of cosmetics to look out for.

LEAKS - Weapon Cosmetics

A handful of Weapon Skins have also been included in the slew of leaks for the Monsters Within Event and it looks like they're related to the four Legendary Legend skins seen above.

From what we can tell, this is what we're looking at...

  • Legendary Seer Skin - Legendary Hemlok Weapon Skin
  • Legendary Bloodhound Skin - Legendary R301 Weapon Skin
  • Legendary Caustic Skin - Legendary R99 Weapon Skin
  • Legendary Revenant Skin - Legendary Spitfire Weapon Skin

We should see more official information about the Monsters Within Event - and some new leaks too - as we approach launch. It is currently rumoured for the second week of October.