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Everything we know about the next Apex Legends Monsters Event

Apex Legends season 10 has just arrived and we're already looking forward to what it has next in store for us. With some new changes and brand new skins leaks, there's a lot to speculate about. Here's what we know about the next event, which is codenamed 'Monsters' and the leaks that informed us.

When Is The Next Apex Legends Event?

As the latest season has just arrived, we don't know when the next event will arrive just yet. We don't even know if the Monster event is quite as big as this, it could potentially be part of a pass or small event in the future.

We will update here as soon as we find out when the next event is going live. For now, we have some information from a leak.

What Is the 'Monsters' Event Leak?

Twitter user @GarretLeaks is a well-known data miner for Apex Legends. Essentially, what they do is go through files the game already has to find out what plans it has for the future. As new updates come out, new leaks come alongside it. In a recent tweet, Garret revealed the information below

In this, they revealed a new set of skins and accessories focusing on the theme of monsters and something much deeper under the surface of each hero's skin.

From here, Garret hinted at something very interesting. Spotting that Bloodhound is a simulacrum (an imitation of a person), they theorised this could be a representation of inner horrors, something personal to each hero.

This is fascinating theming and could mean something special to the lore of Apex Legends. It could be a good chance to really explore the thoughts and feelings of each character, given them a physical representation of their own fears and worries. Needless to say, we will be keeping an eye on this leak in the future.

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