When is Apex Legends Mobile due to release worldwide?

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Apex Legends Mobile is on the way and we're here to talk about when we're going to see a release date confirmed. It's in the Closed Beta Testing stages at the moment, but good progress appears to be being made.

We just can't wait to play! Here's everything we know so far...


LATEST - New Leaks From Closed Beta Testers

Development on Apex Legends Mobile, from the outside, appears to be going well. The Closed Beta Test is due to roll out to an additional five countries soon and it looks like the current version of the title available is slowly being updated.

Below, you can see a new set of leaks regarding Apex Legends Mobile; They don't offer us a release date just yet, but we do get a look at a few interesting things...


It looks like Apex Legends Mobile is going to offer varying Graphics Settings and Frame Rate Settings in addition to an expanded roster featuring more of the Legends we see on the standard Apex Legends title.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

No official worldwide release date has been announced for Apex Legends mobile yet, but EA has commented on when they hope to see the beta rollout.

"We’ll be steadily rolling out Apex Legends Mobile around the world in a series of tests. To start with, we’ll do a series of smaller closed beta tests in India and the Philippines.


The first of these begins Spring 2021, and will only be available on Android devices."

Therefore, you can expect Apex Legends mobile's beta to come to places like the UK and US a few months after that - maybe Summer 2021 will be a good time to keep an eye on.

As EA say, "as we continue with testing, we’ll expand the size of these tests, add new regions, and implement iOS support."

They haven't said which locations they wish to expand to first, but we'll let you know whenever they update the regions list.

As for the full release date of Apex Legends mobile, you should expect quite a wait.

The beta test phases are likely to be pretty long, especially considering they're starting in limited locations.

Late in 2021 at the earliest is when we'll expect to see the full official release of Apex Legends mobile.


Also, it's worth keeping an eye on EA Play and E3 2021, as there might be some news on the game revealed at those events in June.