Apex Legends Mobile - Can You Use a Controller?

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Apex Legends is only continuing to grow as we see the game come to the mobile market. Although it is quite different to the standard launch, it seems it is still the game we've been playing for the last few years. Apex Legends Mobile is a brave new step for the series and a sign of things to come. Here's what we know about controller support so far.

Can You Use a Controller in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Mobile launches today and there will not be any controller support on launch. It seems likely that its implementation will cause some balancing issues on launch. They are likely waiting for a huge player base to join the service before they split it up with controller support.

You can sign up and register for the game right now, just in time for the official launch.


When Will Controller Support Come?

We don't have an official date on it just yet but the team are working on controller support. There are so many logistical issues with implementing something like this so it would make sense to take a while.

On launch, there is no crossplay between PC, Console and Mobile so the player base for the game is exclusively reliant on mobile players. It needs to have a pretty big launch to really retain all those players. Changes will be made incrementally at the start of the game's launch, giving it time to develop naturally.

It seems likely that we will see controller support in 2022 but we may have to wait a few months to see it. With a unique new legend coming to mobile, it is really trying to set itself apart from the rest. Hopefully, the gamble pays off. If any more news comes out on Apex Legends Mobile controller support, we will update you right here.