The Apex melee glitch has been patched out again

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The Apex Legends melee glitch is one of the more annoying exploits in Respawn Entertainment's battle royale.

Thankfully, though, it has been patched out in the latest batch of bug fixes. There is one question that remains though; How long is it going to be gone for?

With these kinds of exploits often a returning issue for players and developers alike, we take a look at what Respawn did in their latest patch and whether we could see it return again.


Apex Legends Melee Glitch

The Apex Legends melee glitch is a pretty self-explanatory exploit that seems to appear almost out of nowhere.

Below, we have a clip from YouTuber Edder that showcases this issue while playing Horizon:

Although we don't get to see the player's controller input, it seems as if they do very little to actually open up this exploit.


Then, when you see the devastating speed they can melee their friend with in-game... You can see why this would be an issue in standard Apex Legends playlists.

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Thankfully though, Respawn Entertainment has been quick to re-patch this returning issue. However, that wasn't the only change that they made...

Other Fixes

In addition to the action taken against the Apex Legends melee glitch, Respawn Entertainment threw in a couple of other fixes.

Firstly, the Ring shouldn't end over Mirage Voyage anymore! This is a huge step in helping to open up the final circle to more players and should make camping on this "barge" in King's Canyon less of an issue.

In addition to this, Respawn managed to fix the "code:clog" login error that some people were getting.

What is interesting about this is that players affected by the issue are reportedly being awarded 25 Battle Pass levels for free.

This isn't the only login error and Respawn Entertainment have added new messages in-game to help them identify and diagnose these issues ahead of future updates.

Apex Legends melee glitch Fuse Pirate Skin
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FREE TIERS - As compensation, it almost seems too good to be true

Who knows, a few free Battle Pass levels could be on your way if you do find yourself having trouble logging in...

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For more, Respawn Entertainment's social media channels are the best place for the latest updates.