Apex Legends Market Store Sale: New Wraith skin fully revealed

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A few months ago, Chinatown Market announced a collaboration with Apex Legends and we were a few days away from the start of the Store Sale when Chinatown Market decided to rebrand and move away from "Chinatown" in support of Asian communities suffering from increased hate crimes. Now they're called Market and we're just a day away from the Store Sale - here's what we know.

UPDATE - New Wraith skin confirmed

Apex Legends has teased the next Market skin to be on the way to the Apex Legends Store in the sale tomorrow and its Wraith's Ringside appearance.


You can check it out in the teaser below:

We don't know if the skin is going to be bundled with a new Emote or Holospray, but we wouldn't be surprised if something else dropped. Keep your eyes out for more over the next 24 hours.

START DATE - Market Store Sale

Apex Legends' collaboration with Market - which is essentially just a Store Sale with some new Market-branded Legend Skins - is due to start at the following times:

  • 10:00 November 9th PST
  • 13:00 November 9th EST
  • 18:00 November 9th GMT

At the moment, we only have one updated teaser. As you can see below, Mirage's Nightcrawler skin has been updated to reflect the rebrand - we've got to say, it looks damn good!


This isn't the only Market skin dropping though...

LEAKS - What else is on the way?

Shrugtal, a notable Apex Legends leaker and data miner, has shared the following information regarding the Market Store Sale.

Firstly, there's a new Gibraltar skin dropping! This isn't going to feature Market branding, but Shrugtal believes it's going to be included in the Market Store Sale that starts tomorrow.

In addition to this, we can look at the previous leaks and official teasers - that popped up when the Market Store Sale was due to start the first time around - to get a glimpse at what the rest of the skins will look like.


Bloodhound is expected to get a rebranded Sundown Desperado skin...

Lifeline is also getting a rebranded Mic Check appearance...

In addition to this, we should be seeing Wraith get a new skin in the Market Store Sale.

If the Market Store Sale is starting on November 9th, we expect it to last two weeks - at least. There are also reports that it will be added to Apex Legends' store as a separate tab - so the standard selection of cosmetics will still be available.