LATEST Apex Legends Mad Maggie: New Legend's Abilities REVEALED

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Apex Legends Season 12 is only a week away from launch, and arguably the most exciting detail is the new Legend, who is officially Mad Maggie! Here's what we know about Mad Maggie so far, and what we can expect from the upcoming addition to Apex Legends Season 12.

Latest - Mad Maggie's Abilities Officially Revealed

The latest trailer, which showed off gameplay of Apex Legends Season 12, officially revealed Mad Maggie's abilities.

apex legends season 12, mad maggie
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The abilities are:

  • Tactical - Riot Drill - Fire a drill that burns enemies through obstacles
  • Passive - Warlord's Ire - Temporarily highlight enemies you've damaged, and move faster with a shotgun
  • Ultimate - Wrecking Ball - Throw a ball that releases speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies

New Mad Maggie trailer begins transition to Legend

Mad Maggie is a familiar face for Apex Legends players, but more as a friend than a foe. That will change (in part) in Apex Legends Season 12 with the Defiance update, where Mad Maggie will finally become a playable Legend!

The first steps for Mad Maggie on the way to becoming a Legend have been shown off in the latest story trailer from EA.

Check out the new Mad Maggie trailer in its entirety below!

Release Date


Mad Maggie finally has an official release date! We'll see the new legend in the Apex Legends Defiance update on Tuesday, February 8th.

Mad Maggie will be a crown jewel for the massive update, but she's far from the only addition come launch day. Catch up on everything to look forward to in the Apex Legends Defiance update here.


We don't have any official details just yet on how Mad Maggie will play in Apex Legends, and what abilities will be available for her.

Apex Legends Season 12 Mad Maggie Cinematic
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UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: Mad Maggie will waste no time getting onto opponents

Based on the latest story trailer and cinematics, Mad Maggie's abilities will likely reward an aggressive approach, whether that includes an emphasis on mobility or heavy damage remains to be seen.

Either way, she'll be no stranger to getting up close and personal with her unique melee weaponry.



Mad Maggie is a name Apex players know well as a former foe that will soon turn Legend. Along the way, we've seen Mad Maggie sport a variety of looks, and these could fuel some fantastic skins to come for the new Legend after her launch. The iconic character also gives the team plenty of potential for new looks as well, and it'll be hard to miss with them.

All Apex Legends characters arrive with at least one Skin option and typically multiple, so players will be able to customize Mad Maggie on launch day.

We'll update with all the latest on new Mad Maggie skins as they're revealed by EA.