Apex Legends Season 9 is out now

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Season 9 of Apex Legends is now live on all platforms, bringing map changes, weapons, and a lot more to the game.

Latest - Season 9 Live Now

Not only you should be able to start downloading it now, but Season 9 is live in Apex Legends.


It went live at 1pm ET/6pm BST on May 4, so you can jump in now to check out everything that's new.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about what to expect and what new content there is.

New Season 9 Battle Pass Trailer

Respawn Entertainment has just shared the new Legacy Battle Pass trailer that gives us a better look at the new Legend skins and weapon appearances we're getting from tomorrow's update.

Rampart's Crafty Kitsune and Wraith's Demon's Whisper are the highlights, but we also get a look at a new Devotion and Spitfire weapon skin.

There's also going to be new Music Packs, Loading Screens, Banners, Gun Charms, Skydive Emotes, Holo-Sprays and Quips. We're not sure how Caustic would feel about being made out to be a bit of a bumbling oaf though...

You can check the full trailer in the tweet below:

Titanfall Blog has also uploaded this run-down of all the free Legacy Battle Pass Rewards you can get your hands on over the course of the next season:

Arenas Legend Meta Breakdown


Apex Legends' new Arena Mode is going to be a highlight for a lot of people playing the next season. But, with it being an elimination mode with round-based combat... How does the Arena meta differ from the Battle Royale meta?

Of course, there are going to be some difference between the two and you have to think that the offensive-based Legends will be a driving force in winning rounds.

Well, Respawn Entertainment has tapped on someone in the know and they've done a deep-dive Beginner's Guide on Apex Legends Arenas mode.

You can check it out in the tweet below, but this is what DazsBF has said regarding the Legend Meta.

Bloodhound is great for visibility and Octane is fantastic as always because of his increased movement speed. In addition to this, Lifeline's quicker revive time is always handy. Pathfinder and Wraith can also both be fantastic for re-positioning and flanking.

Bangalore is one Legend that might not be as helpful, according to the video. In addition to this, Crypto's abilities take a lot of time to use and this can expose him and his team.

Interestingly, with the right team composition, any one of Apex Legends' seventeen Legends can be a viable pick in Arenas if you're aware of how they can be used in this different context.

Loba's Tactical Buffed


Loba’s tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, was supposed to be a powerful teleport ability.

However, it didn't turn out to be quite as good as players had hoped.

Now, in the new Season 9 Legacy Update, the tactical ability has been buffed.

YouTuber Coffee ASAP has posted a video that details the differences between the ability in Season 8 and Season 9.

Loba can now run at full speed while using the ability, as opposed to just being able to walk.

But, there is a trade-off because her Ultimate has been nerfed with a longer cooldown, but its a compromise that should be worth it.


Hammerpoint Removed

The devs have decided to vault the Hammerpoint in Season 9.

Recently, they took to Reddit to explain the decision, citing that it is "overpowered".

“Long story short, because of buffing the base weapons, we would have to nerf the hop-up’s power so it wasn’t OP… the hop-up only really works as a high-risk high reward item, so it just didn’t work well anymore."

Apex Arenas Explained

Apex Legends is going beyond the battle royale genre in the Legacy update and we can't wait!

Arenas is a brand-new permanent game mode coming to Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends and it features round-based 3v3 combat with a buying phase at the start of each round.

If you've ever played Valorant, CS: GO, or Rogue Company, you're going to know what this means. If this doesn't clear it up though...

Respawn Entertainment has shared a six-minute video on what Apex Legends' Arenas mode is and what Ash has in store for our favourite Legends.


New Legend: Valkyrie

Speaking of new Apex Legends characters, we've finally got a proper look at Valkyrie in action. We saw snippets of this during our extended look at the new Arenas mode but it doesn't quite compare to the footage below.


We get a brand new look at Missile Swarm, her Tactical Ability, and Skyward Dive, her Ultimate Ability.

Valkyrie can also utilize her booster pack in-game with her Passive Ability: VTOL Jets.


New Weapon: Bocek Bow

What would a new season of Apex Legends be without some sort of new weapon? Thankfully, we think this one is going to go down a little better than the 30-30 Repeater from Season 8.

The Bocek Bow is the brand-new weapon coming to Apex Legends in the Legacy update and, as you might imagine, it's a Compound Bow that packs a punch.

It fires like a Compound Bow, as you'd imagine, but Respawn Entertainment has thrown a couple of Hop-Ups in there to spice things up.

The Shatter Caps Hop-Up turn it into a shotgun-type weapon, making it lethal at close ranges.

In addition to this, Deadeye's Tempo increases the firing rate and draw speed of the Bocek Bow for a higher DPS output. You can check footage of both from TitanfallBlog below:

Map Changes: Olympus Infested


Much like the new weapon, we're all expecting a few map changes from the next season of Apex Legends right? Well, Respawn Entertainment is delivering and introducing a parasitic root to Olympus.

Yeah, it isn't what we expected either but it works?

The Icarus has returned from deep space and brought with it a strange plantlife that's started to wreak havoc on Olympus and its POIs. This isn't all though. In an effort to reduce third-partying and the overpowered nature of Redeploy Balloons, Respawn Entertainment have tweaked their locations and heights across Olympus.

It's going to be a pretty different map when we jump back into it, huh. Here's everything you need to know from Respawn Entertainment's Lead Level Designer Dave Osei:

There's also a new Loot Hotspot inside the bridge of the crashed-but-docked Icarus. Be warned...


New Skins & Battle Pass Information

As always, there's a new Battle Pass coming to Apex Legends and this one promises a couple of great new Apex Legends Legend skins.

We don't know the full extent of the rewards in-store, but Respawn Entertainment has shared two of the new Legend skins that you can unlock!

Apex Legends Legacy Countdown Battle Pass Rampart Wraith
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NEW APPEARANCES - These are just two of the new skins coming to the game

You will be able to get Rampart's Crafty Kitsune at Level 25 and Wraith's Demon's Whisper at Level 50. These are both limited to those players who buy the Premium Legacy Battle Pass, but there's a bunch of free rewards in there too.


Ranked Season Rewards & Patch Notes

Apex Legends isn't actually changing too much about their Ranked Leagues going into Apex Legends: Legacy. There's a new batch of Badges you can earn and some new Dive Trail rewards, but on the by-and-large things are going to be pretty similar.

You can check out what is changing below, but it isn't too much:

What we do have is the Patch Notes, though. They're pretty meaty, too.

As you might imagine, it runs through all the new content we've gone over above as well as detailing the new Ground Emotes system that's coming. That's not even all though...

Lifeline is undergoing a few major changes (she's losing her Combat Revive shield for one!)

Apex Legends Legacy Countdown Marksman Rifle
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NEW WEAPON CLASS - There's a new category in town and they mean business

In addition to this, Low Profile is being removed as a trait completely from the game and the Marksman Weapon Category is being added to better attribute the newer weapons being added to the game.

Now, the G7 Scout, 30-30 Repeater, Triple Take, and the Bocek Bow will all be considered Marksman Rifles.

We could keep listing changes, but for the fully-explained look at what's coming... You can find the Apex Legends Legacy Patch Notes here.