Apex Legends: Horizon Legend Guide - Abilities, Release Date, Trailer & more

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A new legend is coming to Apex Legends! This new legend is Horizon, who will go live in Season 7.

Table of Contents

Let's go over everything we know about Horizon so far.

Release Date

The newest legend in Apex Legends is Horizon, and players can pick her up starting 4 November!

Apex Legends Season 7 release date
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COMING SOON: Horizon goes live with Season 7, beginning on 4 November!

Horizon is an astrophysicist that has escaped a black hole thanks to her mastery of gravity.

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This background shows up plenty in Horizon's abilities.



Horizon's abilities are quite powerful, so expect to see plenty of her on day one.


Horizon's Tactical ability is Gravity Lift.

Apex Legends Horizon Gravity Lift Ability
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GOING UP?: Gravity Lift is a massively useful ability that can make big plays

When using the ability, Horizon can throw her Repulsion Star to an area where it will create a lift that will pull players upwards, boosting them outwards when they exit.


Gravity Lift will be an incredibly flexible ability with plenty of uses for allies and enemies alike.

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For instance, if your team can get to a nice bit of cover up above, it's a perfect transport. And if your opponents are hiding in a good spot, you can use Gravity Lift to pop them up into the air for easy shooting.


Horizon's Passive ability is Spacewalk.

Spacewalk increases movement control in the air, and reduces fall damage/impact.

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This lets Horizon make some wild plays involving jumping down from heights and maneuvering mid-air! Expect many highlight clips on Season 7 launch day.


Horizon's Ultimate ability is Black Hole.

Apex Legends Horizon Black Hole Ability Ultimate
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UNITY: Black Hole brings people together like nothing else

When using Black Hole, Horizon will throw her robot, N.E.W.T., to an area to create a black hole that will pull all players toward it.


This ultimate is devastating, completely removing opponents from cover and leaving them defenseless as the Black Hole holds them still for you.

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Just be aware there is a small delay from when N.E.W.T. touches down to when the black hole is activated, giving players a chance to escape.


Apex Legends introduces each new legend with their very own trailer, covering their background, abilities, and giving some gameplay footage.

The Apex Legends Horizon trailer is fantastic, and you can watch it below: