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Apex Legends

06 Jan 2021

Apex Legends Developer Working On New IP That Will Allow "Adventuring Forever"

The Apex Legends team has been hard at work on updating the game and bringing new content each season.

However, it looks like the developer will be moving on to developing a new game. This new project will reportedly be a new IP.

Apex Legends Developer Working On New Title

In a job listing that appeared on Respawn Entertainment's website but has since been deleted, the new title was discussed.

Reported on by Dexerto, the job listing was for a "generalist software engineer" who will use "new, practical technologies" to allow "‘adventuring forever’."

What this means in actuality is not clear right now as this wording is very hypothetical and vague.

But, it seems likely that this game will be a live service built around replayability, which could suggest that it will be a roguelike of some kind with randomly generated dungeons or missions.

Apex Legends has been a big success and carved its own space in the Battle Royale genre.

This has come after the majority of Apex Legends' support was shifted from the North American studio to a new Vancouver studio.

Therefore, it is likely that the original team working on Apex Legends have moved onto this new project and are staffing up.