Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Start Time: How long do we have to wait?

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Apex Legends' next seasonal update - which would introduce Season 12 - is almost here. However, Respawn Entertainment isn't going to just let us wait three weeks without anything going on - oh, no. 2022 is shaping up to be a year packed with content if the start of the month is anything to go by - the upcoming Dark Depths Event is on the way and we have everything you need to know about the time it is due to start and what to expect.

UPDATE - New event-limited skin revealed

We might still be waiting for the Dark Depths Event to begin - and the Patch Notes to drop - but Respawn Entertainment has shared another new event-limited skin with us. Octane is getting a new skin, but it's more of a recolour than a new design - so, it should be pretty cheap to pick up.

We're hours away from the Dark Depths Event - so, we'll keep you updated with the latest ahead of the event.


When does the Dark Depths Event start?

Respawn Entertainment hasn't confirmed the start time for Apex Legends' new Dark Depths Event - but we do know that it's coming on January 11th.

Thankfully, it looks like Respawn Entertainment follow a schedule when it comes to in-game events and major updates. This means we can look at the previous events and arrive at the following conclusion...

The Dark Depths Event should be starting at the following times:

  • 10:00 January 11th - PST
  • 13:00 January 11th - EST
  • 17:00 January 11th - GMT

We should see this confirmed at a later date - alongside the Patch Notes for the update that's going to arrive alongside the event. For now, all we have is this trailer...

Apex Legends' Dark Depths Event is going to introduce a new Arenas map - Habitat - alongside a new set of event-limited cosmetics. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from the new location...

" Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathans and how it would feel to fight in their breeding grounds. It represents our vision of an arena established in a natural environment while holding true to the tentpoles of arena design. With that being said, one of Habitat 4's key features is a large waterfall. Through the passage of time it has eroded the landscape, forming trenches and terraces of varied elevation. Making this island a paradise for slides and quick getaways."
Apex Legends Dark Depths Event
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HABITAT 4 - There's going to be a lot of places to hide here!

There's also going to be a series of free rewards available during three, week-long "Flash Event" Reward Tracks. This might seem like a smaller update than usual, but Season 12 is on the horizon so we're certain there's still a lot more to come.