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Apex Legends Dark Depths Event Countdown: New Arenas rotation confirmed

It might not be Season 12, but it's finally here! Apex Legends' next major update has landed and... It isn't as much of a major update as we might think. Respawn Entertainment hasn't even cobbled together a set of Patch Notes for us! There are some things worth knowing though, but it's not as much as you might expect. Here's the low-down on the Dark Depths Event.

UPDATE - New "Habitat" map Arenas rotation confirmed

If you were wondering how often you'll be dropping into the new Arenas map in the Dark Depths Event, we have the answer for you.

The new map is going to be introduced through a 24-hour period of exclusivity, which should end around 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT, before being available on a 60-minute rotation for the next week.

Then, it will return to the standard 15-minute rotation - this should occur on January 18th, presumably at the time specified above.

New "Sea Streak" Octane revealed

We're still waiting on the Patch Notes, but Respawn Entertainment has revealed another new Legend Skin coming to Apex Legends in the Dark Depths Event's cosmetics set.

Octane's Sea Streak skin is more of a recolour than a new skin - so, expect this to be cheaper than the others and a skin you're more likely to unlock in Dark Depths Apex Packs.

Patch Notes are coming, but we're still a few hours out...

When does the Dark Depths Event start?

Apex Legends' Dark Depths Event is due to release on January 11th - we haven't been given a specific time by Respawn Entertainment, but we should see it release at the same time as previous events and updates.

If Respawn Entertainment is following their schedules like usual, we should see the Dark Depths Event start and the update it comes with released at the following times:

  • 10:00 January 11th - PST
  • 13:00 January 11th - EST
  • 17:00 January 11th - GMT

Take this with a pinch of salt, as always, but keep an eye on PlayApex on Twitter for the latest. You can also get a brief overlook of what's coming from the event trailer below:

What do we know is coming?

The Dark Depths Event isn't going to be quite as expansive as other in-game events, but it's going to add enough content to keep us busy between now and the start of Season 12. Here's a rundown of everything confirmed to be on the way...

  • New Arenas Map
    • Habitat - an island neighbouring Storm Point;
Apex Legends Dark Depths Event
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HABITAT 4 - There's going to be a lot of places to hide here!
Apex Legends Dark Depths Event
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FLASH EVENTS - There's some great stuff on offer this time!

We know it doesn't sound like a lot, but this isn't a Collection Event so there's not going to be a new Heirloom to collect and there's not going to be any additional LTMs to play.

What else are we expecting?

In addition to the above, we're expecting the Mil-Sim Bangalore skin to be fixed and re-enabled alongside the re-introduction of the Rampage and Sentinel. These two weapons were removed due to an infinite charge glitch - they should be back and fixed in the next title update.

Other than this, though, it's hard to say what else we're getting. Respawn Entertainment is always changing the meta and rebalancing both weapons and Legends, we don't think this work is going to stop anytime soon. The Patch Notes aren't going to be as beefy as they could be, but we're expecting to see something exciting.

The Dark Depths Event Patch Notes should be released at the same time as the update itself - we'll keep you updated with the latest information when it's available.

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