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Apex Legends: Cross Progression and Account Merging Date and Details

Fans within the Apex Legends community are still asking Respawn Entertainment for cross-progression and account merging features.

Cross-progression would let accounts on different platforms be connected. This ensures that levelling up happens on each console.

With the number of different platforms that Apex Legends can be played on, not having cross-progression seems quite dated.

However, let's take a look at what cross-progression and account merging may look like in Apex Legends. And whether this may be coming to the game.

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Is there cross-progression and account merging in the game?

As of this article, September 9 2022, both of these features are currently not used in-game.

Despite discussion about this, there aren't any statements from Respawn which confirm or deny their arrival.

However, if you are a PC user, there is some element of cross-progression available.

Fuse from Apex Legends
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If you played Apex originally from the Origin client, then you are able to carry content over to your Steam account.

Of course, this isn't cross-progression in the way of using an account on different consoles.

With this concept being utilised for PC, perhaps it won't be too long until it's available for other console players.

When will these two features come to Apex?

Despite the features not yet included in Apex Legends, there has been official information about a possible release date.

There have been multiple references and posts about this discussion. All have said that they will be available sometime in 2022.

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With only three months left in 2022, it won't be long until players see this arrive.

Keep your eyes on this article for any updates about the cross-progression and account merging situation in Apex Legends.

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