Apex Legends Crashing: Respawn Working on Issue - Is a Hotfix Coming?

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Players have experienced some Apex Legends crashing as of late, but Respawn Entertainment is working towards a solution.

Let's go over what we know so far, and when we can expect these problems to be patched.

Apex Legends Crashing Issues

Apex Legends has had a number of technical difficulties over the past week, with players complaining about laggy servers and incessant game crashes.

Apex Legends Crashing Error Server Lag Patch Update Hotfix
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ON THE JOB: Respawn are working to stop Apex Legends crashing problems

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment have publicly commented on the issue to let players know that they are working on a solution - confirming it's not just player-side problems.

Despite the commentary, we still don't know if the issue will be hotfixed, or if we'll have to wait all the way to Apex Legends Season 8 to see a patch address it.


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While the crashing is clearly an issue in the game for most, it is important to check your drivers to make sure you aren't experiencing extra problems due to out of date drivers.

Apex Legends Season 8

The new Apex Legends Season 8 is approaching, and it will be the biggest new content drop in months for the game!

Apex Legends Season 8 Release Date Patch Notes Crashing Servers Lag
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BRING IT ON: Apex Legends Season 8 is coming fast!

We have high expectations as this is following up on Season 7, the biggest season in Apex Legends history.


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Let's go over our expectations, and what we know so far about the upcoming season.

Release Date

Apex Legends Season 8 will release on 1 February.

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That means you have a good amount of time to clear out the Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass for its content.

Patch Notes


We don't have a formal set of Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes just yet - but we are expecting plenty of content relating to maps, weapons, items, and legends.

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This will likely be a combination of new additions and massive balance changes.