Chaos Theory skins are available in the store now!

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The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event is coming - and we have some huge new reveals for it, as well as some massive leaks!

Here's what we know about the event so far.


Latest - All Apex Legends Chaos Theory Skins Revealed

The first wave of new skins from the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event have been revealed, and we can now see them in-game with the event rolled out on all platforms!

You can look through the full gallery below:


How Long Will Chaos Theory Run?

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will run from March 9th to March 23rd.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Info
EMBRACE CHAOS: The new Apex Legends event is around the corner

Make sure to mark your calendars to get to work collecting all the new cosmetics!

Patch Notes Revealed

A new set of Apex Legends patch notes have been revealed for the upcoming Chaos Theory event, featuring some big Legend buffs and nerfs as well as several weapon updates and bug fixes.

You can read over the full patch notes here.


Chaos Theory Collection Event Trailer

It's time to get hype about the Chaos Theory Apex Legends event, and this new trailer does the job perfectly!

Leaked Skins

Although we don't have any skins, data-miners have managed to uncover some information about what skins we should expect in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory event.

Unfortunately, we don't have any images just yet but here's what was found so far.


  • Caustic
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Revenant
  • Wattson


  • Octane
  • Caustic
  • Wattson

The leaks were first spotted and brought to light by Biast12, however, this account is now unavailable. This could be the result of a URL or @ change or a DMCA strike for leaking the information.

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There are also reportedly a few more files that suggest another batch of recoloured skins are on the way, similar to the red and gold cosmetics that were available during the Anniversary Event.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Skins Rampart
RAMPART - Are you looking forward to the new cosmetics?

However, there's no word on whether these are going to be included in the upcoming Chaos Theory event or something different in the future.

Bangalore Heirloom?

This is the other major talking point when discussing the upcoming Apex Legends Chaos Theory event skins and cosmetics.

Bangalore is the only launch character to not have an Heirloom set now and this is leading many people to believe that she is the next one to get an Heirloom.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event skins Bangalore System Override
BANGALORE - Are you a Bangalore main? What heirloom would you like to see?

This could suggest that she will also be getting an Heirloom set skin in the future, but there's no word on whether this will be coming as a part of the Chaos Theory event skins or in a separate event after.

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We, for one, believe that Bangalore deserves her own event but we'll see.