Apex Legends' Chaos Theory Event rewards explained

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Now that the Chaos Theory event has kicked off in Apex Legends, it's time to get to earning those rewards!

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There's a new batch of rewards available during the Chaos Theory event and we have everything you need to know about them below.

LATEST - Event Challenges

If you're looking to complete an easy batch of Chaos Theory event challenges in Apex, we have all the information you need here.

There are four challenges to get you started, which you can see below:

  • Reach 250 Points
  • Play 1 Game
  • Deal 600 Damage
  • Get A Top 10 Finish 4 Times

Completing these will reward you with the Epic Chaos Theory Banner badge. It isn't the biggest reward but it's a start.

Not to mention, it's a set of challenges that you should be able to complete pretty naturally. That means, you can focus on other in-game challenges and you should find yourself ticking things off of the list anyway!

Chaos Theory Events Rewards...

Like any Collection Event in the past, the Chaos Theory Event has a few Apex Legends cosmetics you can earn for free via limited-time in-game challenges.

There's a legendary Kraber skin, an Eva-8 skin, some weapon charms and what looks like a skin for Horizon! You can see the full reward track below:

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Rewards Track
click to enlarge
+ 2
GOODIES - This is what's up for grabs during Chaos Theory

This isn't all, though! There's also another set of 24 themed, event-limited cosmetics up for grabs.

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Below, we have a video that cycles through some of the Chaos Theory event rewards that are up for grabs starting at 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT.

" Inspired by the warriors of the Frontier, our Legends are donning fierce new looks as they drop into the arena."

If the clip isn't working, it was embedded from the Apex Legends Blog Post on the Chaos Theory event here.

Now, how can you get your hands on some of these...

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And How To Earn Them

For the Event Reward Track, these can be earned through completing daily challenges.

You can earn up to 1,000 points towards this each day through the challenges on a daily reset, however, there's also "stretch challenges" that offer you four unique badges.

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These will stack with any Battle Pass challenges you're going after so you could see yourself flying through them if you play it right!

For the rest of the event-limited cosmetics, you will have to either purchase them or get them in Event Apex Packs.

Below, we have the drop rate for what each Event Apex Pack will include:

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event Loot Apex Pack drop rates
click to enlarge
+ 2
GUARANTEED - You will always get one event item per Event Apex Pack

Getting all 24 will get you the Bangalore Heirloom set though, so it might be worth the grind!

If you want to wait though, the Bangalore Heirloom is going to be available via Heirloom Crafting after the event concludes.

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