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New Challenges are live in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event

The Chaos Theory Event is here in Apex Legends, bringing a tons of new content to pair with a new Switch version release.

As you'd expect from any new event, there are challenges for players to complete that grant additional rewards themed around the event, and a whole roster of new skins added to the bunch.

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All Chaos Theory Event Challenges

You can see all the challenges by press Square if you're on PlayStation (X on Xbox/click in the top left on PC) to access the Season hub.

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There, you'll see a tab for challenges and another for event inside the former.

Head there and you should see a list of challenges. We've got them listed out below for you though.

  • Reach 250 Points
  • Play 1 Game
  • Deal 600 Damage
  • Get a Top 10 Finish 4 Times.

Completing them will ultimately get you an Epic Chaos Theory Banner badge.

If there are more parts to the challenges throughout the length of the event, we'll be sure to update you.

Tips to Completing Them

For now, you simply need to play some matches to try and complete everything. It's nothing to taxing and seasoned players should be able to do everything in a couple of hours.

Stick with RealSport101 for more on Apex Legends throughout the Chaos Theory Event and Season 8.

All Chaos Theory Event Skins

The Chaos Theory event in Apex Legends has started off strong with a batch of new skins already live in-game.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory  Skin Deputy of Death
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TIP OF THE ICEBERG: There are many new Apex skins in the event

Check them all out here!

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