Apex Legends Bloodhound Event: What time does "Old Ways, New Dawn" start?

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We think we can all agree that the Evolution Collection Event was a fantastic Apex Legends event - however, the next one might be better for a different reason. The "Old Ways, New Dawn" event - which is going to be the first in a line of "Apex Chronicles" - is a lore-based event that aims to inject more narrative content into Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale in short bursts. The first Apex Chronicles event is all about Bloodhound and here's when it's due to start.

CONFIRMED - When does it start & what to expect?

Following the delay to Apex Legends' Season 10 Ranked Split, the "Old Ways, New Dawn" Bloodhound event has been confirmed for September 29th. We suspect it will go live in-game at the following times, based on previous events:

  • 09:30 PST
  • 12:30 EST
  • 16:30 BST

In addition to this, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that there's only going to be limitations on who can access the Bloodhound Event content. This means you can only participate if you're playing as Bloodhound on World's Edge in a non-ranked BR game.

This isn't the most complex set of entry requirements we've ever seen - however, it does mean that picking Bloodhound might be a bit of a scramble for the next day or two. You don't have to be a Bloodhound main to take part, it's just that all of the event's challenges are tied into their Legend Abilities and relate to Bloodhound as a character.


Original - When does Old Ways, New Dawn actually begin?

At the moment, Respawn Entertainment is keeping quiet about the Old Ways, New Dawn event. This doesn't mean we don't know what time to expect the Bloodhound Event to start, it just means we need to take everything we see with a pinch of salt until it comes from an official source.

That being said, Shrugtal is usually right. He's suggested that the Old Ways, New Dawn event is due to start on September 28th. With this in mind, looking at Respawn Entertainment's last handful of in-game events... We can get a pretty good idea of what time to expect the Bloodhound Event to start.

With any luck, we should see the first stage of this lore event go live in-game at the following times:

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 BST

As always, take this with a pinch of salt until we hear something from Respawn Entertainment. Here's what to expect, though...

Original - What to expect from the Bloodhound Event?

At the moment, we're under the impression that the Old Ways, New Dawn Bloodhound Event is going to follow the same format of the previous lore events we've seen in Apex Legends and be released in five parts over the next week.

The Prologue of the event should be released in-game on September 28th at the times specified above, and then the next four parts should drop at the following dates:

  • Old Ways, New Dawn Part One - September 29th
  • Old Ways, New Dawn Part Two - October 2nd
  • Old Ways, New Dawn Part Three - October 5th
  • Old Ways, New Dawn Part Four - ???

We don't know how long we'll have to wait between Part Three and Part Four just yet, but we'd hazard a guess that Part Four will start on October 7th or October 8th.

The event itself looks to be focused on Bloodhound and the White Raven - a reincarnation of Odin - trying to stop Hammond Industries from destroying their homeland: Talos. There's going to be a new Bloodhound Skin with a White Raven available for a few Apex Coins and a set of Bloodhound-focused Apex Packs for players who play-through the event.