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*UPDATED* Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event: Start Date, Rewards & Leaks

Respawn Entertainment have now officially announced the Beasts of Prey event coming to Apex Legends.

Titled Beast of Prey, the event will begin soon and last for around two weeks. This gives players plenty of time to check out the possible new game mode and skins.

There are many leaks about the event. However, we now have all the official information for the event.

So, let's take a look at the start date, rewards and any leaks for the Beast of Prey leaked event in Apex Legends.

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*UPDATED* Beasts of Prey officially announced

Apex Legends has officially had its Beasts of Prey event announced by Respawn Entertainment.

Beasts of Prey Loba skin
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The latest event in Apex Legends will include a bunch of new cosmetics, a reward tracker and a brand new game mode which looks explosive.

Additionally, a new trailer of the event showcased some of the new content coming to the game.

To read more about the Beasts of Prey event, click here.

Beast of Prey Start date

Esteemed leaker Tom Henderson announced some key information we have for this new Apex Legends event in a tweet.

Despite usually covering Call of Duty leaks, he has now expanded to other games too, such as Apex.

We know that the start date for the event is September 20 2022 and the event will last for around two weeks. Plenty of time to try out the possible new game mode.

He also stated that the information came from 'independent sources' which somewhat taints the reliability of this information.


However, Thordan Smash who is a content creator for the game also backed up this leak with official information in a separate tweet.

So far, it's looking like we will be receiving a new gun game mode and a Loba heirloom.

Another content creator, Moy Parra, for Apex Legends also supported this with a mysterious tweet about Loba.

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