Apex Legends WILL appear at EA Play Live; Here's what we might see

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EA Play Live is on the way and we're here to talk about everything Apex Legends is going to give us during the showcase event. Season 10, known as Emergence, is right around the corner and we know who the new playable Legend is going to be. Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed a few other details and here's when we should learn more about them.

LATEST - Hours Away From EA PLAY Live

At the moment, we're not really sure what to expect from Apex Legends at EA PLAY Live. With the presentation reportedly only 40 minutes long, and FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 both being confirmed to appear... It doesn't leave a lot of room for other titles. We can imagine EA is going to announce a couple of titles too and there's always that long-rumoured Dead Space Remaster. These things only take a few minutes but it adds up.

We should see a new Cinematic Trailer from Apex Legends at the very least and we're likely to see a Gameplay Trailer that helps to showcase what Seer has to offer. We're not going into it expecting any deep dives though. However, Alex_Frostwolf, a Senior Social Media Manager at Respawn Entertainment, is co-hosting the stream. This would suggest we might see a little more from Apex Legends than we think.

For now, though, we'll just have to wait... BioWare, EA Star Wars, and Skate are all confirmed to be skipping this showcase so... What else is there?

Respawn Detail What We Should Expect To See

Following the reveal of the latest Stories from the Outlands short, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed a few key details about what's coming to Apex Legends in Season 10 alongside Ranked Arenas.

New Legend: Seer

" With microdrones and an artist's eye, Seer spots opportunities that other Legends might miss, and seizes them in the most beautiful way he can."
Apex Legends Season 10 Seer Key Art
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NEW LEGEND, WHO DIS - Seer is going to be an exciting addition to the title

New Weapon: Rampage LMG

" Meet Rampart's newest invention, the Rampage LMG, with a surprising source of firepower."

World's Edge Map Update

" World's Edge is on the brink of some major changes...stay tuned."

They also confirm that we will see more from the Emergence season at EA Play Live.

Apex Legends At EA Play

Apex Legends has already featured during the 'Future of FPS' Spotlight event. During this event, not much was revealed about the future of Apex Legends as it was instead more about the future of FPS games in general.

With the main EA Play event, this is where we will learn what's next for Apex Legends. Hopfully this means some information about Season 10. Both the Genesis Collection Event and Thrillseekers events took place during Season 9, so here's hoping more limited time events during Apex Legends Season 10 are planned also.

How To Watch Apex Legends At EA Play


The EA Play live stream will take place on Thursday, 22 July at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST. The event will last around 40 minutes in total and will cover titles like Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, FIFA 22, Madden 22 and more.

The above video will contain the live stream of the event, but it will also be available on-demand shorts after it concludes.

We are also expecting to see two franchise revivals announced during the event. There have been strong rumours that an old sports franchise and old action game franchise will be shown. The action title is strongly believed to be the revival of Dead Space.

As for the sports game, Fight Night has been thrown around as a possibility, but no leaks or rumours have and substance to them at the moment.

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