Rewards leaked for Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event

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Such is the state of modern gaming, it's hard to keep anything a secret nowadays and Apex Legends isn't immune to this. Fortunately, it's not a major leak that we're discussing today, but the leak of some Arenas Flash Event rewards.

With Season 10 in full swing and Seer causing plenty of discussions (or arguments) with their ability set, it's time to take a break from that to see what Arenas reward you could earn in the next flash event.

Apex Legends Arenas Rewards Leaked

Over on Twitter, @kralrindo has posted the first look at the rewards that are up for grabs in the next Arenas flash event in Apex Legends.

The rewards in question are a Rare Volt skin called 'Accepted Theory' and a Rare Caustic skin called 'Terrestrial Shell'. Both rewards have a very clean chrome look to them with an orange tint offering a splash of colour.


What is a Flash Event?

A flash event in Apex Legends is a very time-limited event with set objectives. By completing the objectives associated with the event you can earn rewards.

Given that there appear to be three total rewards for this event, the two skins and an apex pack, the points total for the event is expected to be quite reasonable.


The last event to have three rewards was capped at 3,000 points to complete the tracker and earn all rewards. Arenas flash events are a bit of an unknown still as there have only been three before now, one of which only offered apex packs and another that offered 2 character skins and weapon skin.

The Arenas flash events before have usually lasted no longer than 7 days, so expect this event to last a similar amount of time-based on this.