Apex Legends April Fools event starts today

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Much like last year, Respawn are having some fun with Apex Legends for April Fools Day.

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Here's everything you can expect from the event.

Latest - Golden Mozambique Shotgun

If you ever need a triple-barrel shotgun pistol, this is the most luxurious of your options.

Apex Legends April Fools Golden Mozambique Shotgun
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PRISTINE: The Golden Mozambique Shotgun looks clean

The Golden Mozambique Shotgun looks beautiful, and is just one of many April Fools Event drops we expect from Apex Legends today.

Apex Legends April Fools Event


You shouldn't expect a whole lot from the Apex Legends April Fools event, but there will be some fun additions.

Last year, Respawn added some gold variants of weapons and they're going down a similar route today.

The actual additions haven't been confirmed just yet, but reliable Apex Legends leaker, Shrugtal, has detailed what we can expect.

He said that you can expect:

  • Gold Mozambique. (19 damage per pellet, 9 rounds)
  • Gold P2020. (25 damage, +7 ammo, 190 damage while on a zipline/balloon)
  • Airhorns
  • Many many loot rollers raining from the sky.
  • A lot of gold weapons...

As soon as the update is out, we'll be sure to let you know what's actually included, but we expect the leak to be correct.

Release Time

Of course, the April Fools content for Apex Legends will release on April 1, and it seems like everything will arrive at 1pm ET/6pm BST.

As soon as it is live, we'll be sure to let you know.

Fake April Fools Jokes

Do be careful today though, you'll be coming across various "leaks" or "reveals" that are actually April Fools jokes.

Some of them will be quite obvious, such as the one below, but be sure to double check anything else you see.


Be sure to check back with us for more on Apex Legends and the April Fools event.