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Apex Legends Cross-Play: How To Play With Other Platforms

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Cross-platform play has long been the most requested feature for Apex Legends.

The EA Battle Royale shooter is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Previously players have only been able to play with other gamers on their system.

What Is Cross-Platform Play?

In a recent update, as part of the Aftermarket Collection event, Respawn Entertainment finally added crossplay to the game.

This allows players from all platforms to play with, or against each other.

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ACCESSIBILITY: Cross-platform has now been enabled, allowing all players to play together

Cross-platform has long been a requested feature for many titles, but was usually stopped by Sony who were never keen on allowing their players to play against Xbox gamers.

Notably this happened with Fortnite, where Sony locked players' accounts to the PS4 and they were unable to use them on the Xbox One.

Eventually this changed after Epic Games turned on crossplay without Sony's permission.

Now cross-platform play has become standard in many games, with Apex Legends finally joining.

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Nintendo And Valve Join The Fight

Recently, Apex Legends was released on the Nintendo Switch along with being added to Steam.

Previously Apex Legends had to be downloaded and played through EA's own Origin launcher.

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NEW FIGHTERS JOIN: Apex Legends has been released on Nintendo Switch and Steam, further adding accessibility

EA announced the details of cross play and have revealed it will be console vs console and PC vs PC.

The feature can also be turned off, putting players with only the platform they're playing on, but this mean longer queue times.

Does That Mean I Play Against PC Players?

Cross-platform play will be enabled by default.

Players on console will be paired with other consoles, meaning PS4, Xbox, and Switch play together.

And PC players will only play with other PC users.

This is to prevent the disadvantage controller has against keyboard and mouse.

However, if a player on console teams up with a player on PC they will be put in PC lobbies

apex legends season 5 start date and gameplay
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NO DISADVANTAGES: Respawn understand the advantages PC has, so have kept console and PC separate

Cross-platform can be turned off at any time from the settings menu, but this will likely drastically increase queue times as most players will be using the feature.

Voice-chat will work multiplatform too

To play with someone on another platform players must add them to their friends list and create a party.

When using the Fill feature for team modes, players will be paired with their own platforms.

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