Among Us: Will It Be A Free Game On Consoles?

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Tired of playing on your mobile? Among Us on consoles is on the way and here's everything we know about it!

Among Us is Innersloth's surprise hit party game that revolves around lies and deception. We promise it's good, though!

When playing Among Us, there is an Imposter among you and it's your job to complete your tasks with your Crew-Mates and escape before you meet an untimely demise.

What makes the game tick though is the fact that vision is limited and there is a "discussion period" between each ejection.

You'll need your wits about you if you want to survive. Here's when you can jump into the chaos on consoles.

Xbox Release

Among Us is coming to Xbox consoles in 2021! That's this year!

Not only this, but Innersloth's party game is available for free on Xbox Game Pass for PC already!

This seems to confirm that the title will also be made available on Xbox consoles for free via Game Pass in the future.

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If you don't have Game Pass, then we would expect to be Xbox's Among Us to be a similar price to the Steam version of the game.

PlayStation Release

At the moment, there is no word on whether Among Us is coming to PlayStation consoles.

Seems kinda sus to us, right? Well, there are often reports of game developers finding it much easier to port a game to Xbox consoles than PlayStation consoles so maybe there's just a delay regarding this.

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It wouldn't make sense to not try to release a game as popular as Among Us on the PS4 or PS5 via Backwards Compatibility, but only time will tell as to if and/or when.

Nintendo Switch Release

Among Us on the Nintendo Switch is currently out right now!

Among Us Consoles Switch Screenshot
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SUS - Anyone with a banana peel on their head should be considered suspicious, right?

If you head over to the eShop, you'll be able to pick it up for $5.00/£3.89.

On the Nintendo Switch, you can play both over local WiFi and online in a chaotic attempt at survival for 4-10 players.

The game itself is only just under 500 MB in size so there's really no excuse.


For more on the latest Among Us news, keep an eye on InnerSloth's Among Us Twitter account.