RealSport is a sports media platform that is committed to providing real fans with the all the latest from across the globe – 100% advertisement free. Here at RealSport, we promise you will never see a single advert on our platform!

We believe it's all about providing the highest quality original and unique opinion pieces written by real sports fans, for real sports fans, alongside insightful analysis of breaking news that brings fan-orientated journalism to new heights. Coupled with our exclusive video documentaries, bringing you the previously untold stories at the heart of the sporting world, RealSport promises to change the way real fans look at sports content on the internet.

RealSport begun its journey by focusing on football, the nation’s favourite sport, and UFC/MMA, the nation’s fastest growing sport. Since then, RealSport has expanded into covering the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, eSports, Racing and Professional Wrestling– and we’ll be expanding into even more sports soon, creating the ultimate fan-oriented experience.

We've also been involved with loads of fan-oriented, exclusive, original projects. RealSport created an all access documentary at West Ham United with internationally renowned DJ & football-mad West Ham fan Andy C; we took former 2x Superbowl winner Denver Broncos to the NFL Wembley games in 2015 to interview current players; we caught up for an exclusive chat with the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills; we spoke to TNA star James Storm exclusively about why he left the WWE; and we have many more exciting projects coming very soon.

We’re always looking for talented new writers with a passion for sport to join the team; if you would like to write for us and have your articles featured on our website then please feel free to fill out our write for us form.

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