When is the 2021 Overwatch Archives Event?

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It's time to jump back into the fight and get involved with the 2021 Overwatch Archives Event.

LATEST - 2021 Archives Event Has Started

That's right! The Overwatch Archives Event for 2021 has started and all the new skins are now in-game for you to unlock and/or buy.

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Below, you can check out a trailer showcasing what's on offer in a little more detail.


What's interesting is that there's no new PvE content this year. Instead of adding a new map, Blizzard has opted to add "Mission Modifiers" into the mix rather than a complete new PvE experience.


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This does look like it will spice up the existing PvE modes, but is this just another sign that Overwatch is on the tail-end of its' lifespan?

Release Date Confirmed

The Overwatch Archives Event for 2021 is due to kick off very soon. It's slated for an April 6th release date and will run for three weeks.

This means it will conclude on April 27th. We're not sure what new content we're getting yet, but we are expecting all the older PvE LTMs to return like in previous years.


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Back On Track?

Based on previous years we can expect the vent to begin between April 13th-15th, with an end date of around May 16th.

Overwatch Archives 2021 Pajamei Start
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COSMETICS - Archives 2021 will bring a few more new skins, but which returning skins are you hoping to get?

Blizzard only teases an event's start a few days before it begins, so we won't know for sure how accurate these are for a little while yet.


When Does Overwatch Archives Start?

Now that the PachiMarchi event has started in Blizzard's game, it's likely that the Archives event isn't imminent.

Originally, it was thought possible that Archives 2021 could start on March 11/12, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Typically, the Archives Event begins in April. However, last year, Blizzard moved the event up and it took place between March 12th and April 2nd.

With this in mind, we could see the Overwatch Archives 2021 Event start anywhere between the middle of March and the middle of April.

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It's always a tricky one to pinpoint the start date for Overwatch events as they are never quite uniform. However, more often than not, they always take place in the ball-park of one another.

Each year, the Archives Event brings a lore-based, limited-time arcade mode to the playing field amongst the usual slew of exclusive event-themed cosmetic items and skins.

Overwatch Archives Event 2021 Roadhog Junkrat
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BLIMEY! - New Junkrat skins? Count us IN

2021 isn't going to be any different. But, could this year's Archives Event use the past to show us the future?

With many fans eager to learn more about Overwatch 2, this could be the perfect time to set-up a new narrative branch for the characters involved.

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The Official Overwatch Archives Event page gives us a fantastic insight into what to expect and showcases what has appeared previously.