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2021's Overwatch Anniversary celebrates 5 years of Blizzard's shooter

Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event spells some pretty big things for Overwatch. Not only is it celebrating its five-year anniversary but we should be getting some Overwatch 2 news soon!

To keep an eye on those celebrations and what they mean, we have you covered.

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LATEST - It's Out Now

The anniversary event update is finally live. In it, you can get yourself eight new legendary skins, alongside challenges and a bunch of smaller items.

As a celebration of the half-decade Overwatch has been live, you can also grab previous Anniversary skins if you're lucky enough.

More Skins Revealed Ahead Of Event

More of the Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event-exclusive skins have been revealed, with new looks being shown off for both Moira and Sombra.

Check out Venus Moira and Black Cat Sombra in action for yourself below:


Remember, you can only earn these skins during the Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event, which runs from May 18 - June 8. As there are likely more skins to be unveiled, if you want to collect them all you had better start grinding!

2021 Anniversary Start Date

As expected, 2021's Overwatch Anniversary celebrations are due to start on May 18th. Blizzard has left it a little late to confirm this information, but we now know that it's time to "party on the payload".

You can check out the announcement tweet below:


New Skins Are Coming

This won't be a surprise to any Overwatch veterans out there, but the 2021 Anniversary event is going to introduce a couple of new skins to Overwatch. For a rundown of them all, we have you covered here.

There are 8 total skins that can be unlocked at specific times over the coming weeks. The first announced was Funky Baptiste over on their Twitter.


What About Weekly Challenges?

Weekly challenges are back and they should update with new things to do over the coming weeks. You should be able to earn points from playing games that will help you get all new skins.

Through these Weekly Challenges, you'll be able to unlock event-specific cosmetics that are rotated on a weekly basis. Below, we have a breakdown of how this usually works:

  • Win 3 games in any mode – Icon
  • Win 6 games in any mode – Spray
  • Win 9 games in any mode – Epic Skin

To exemplify, last year's Carbon Fiber Sigma skin was one of the Weekly Challenges' Epic Skin rewards. During the week that this skin was a reward, an Icon and Spray that feature the new cosmetic were also included.

Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 Sigma Carbon Fiber skin
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CALCULATED - Carbon Fiber Sigma isn't too adventurous, but a cool design nonetheless

LTMS & More

At the moment, we don't really know how Blizzard are planning to fully celebrate Overwatch's 5th Anniversary. They're being pretty secretive about things...

Last year, they opened up the "Brawl Vault" and added a limited-time playlist that featured all of the game's other LTMs on a rotating schedule. It was a popular feature with players, so we are expecting something similar to feature again this year.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event Roadhog Toxic Countdown
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TOXIC - This might be one of Roadhog's best skins, right?

However, you have to wonder... How can Blizzard top this? This year's celebrations arguably fall upon the more important benchmark after all. All things considered, five years is quite a long time.

At the moment, we'll just have to wait and see what Blizzard has to offer. For now, though, we're expecting more announcements as players get the update and unlock new things.

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