All the Overwatch 2021 Summer Games Skins So Far

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Overwatch, through events like the anniversary event, has shown it's willing to change up the base formula to surprise fans. The Overwatch Summer Games celebration is among the most well-liked there is. Offering new skins and modes, there's so much to do.

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Here's everything you should know about this year's new skins.

Latest - Get In There and Start Playing Now

Luckily, the latest update is live now, weeks before when it was predicted to start.


If you want to get those new skins, you can start playing right now.

Overwatch Summer Games Release Date

Before we go through the skins, you should probably know when the latest event releases. Luckily, Overwatch Summer Games 2021 has just released today, on July 20th.


You should get in there nice and early to take advantage of all there is to find.

Overwatch Summer Games Skins

Now, it's time for what people are waiting for, the skins. First up is a new Symmetra skin, seeing her take the role of a mermaid. Complete with a new outfit and headgear, this legendary skin is the first she has received in a while. This one is called Poolside Ashe, and you can see it below.


Moving from here, we have a new skin for Ashe and B.O.B. They are both dressed in colourful summer gear with Ashe holding a water gun and wearing a nice sun hat. B.O.B has a great new pool tube on his head and it's a nice flamingo one to boot.

Overwatch 2021 Summer Games Skins
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The final skin revealed so far is for Mei, making her look like she works in an ice cream shop. Finding the Winter in the middle of the Summer, this feels like a perfect fit for her character.

Her gun could almost look like a soft serve machine and her little sidekick is shaped like an ice cream, a nice touch. There will certainly be a handful of other skins releasing as the next event does so keep your eyes peeled for all the latest updates right here.