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01 Mar 2021

Overwatch Archives Event 2021: Everything We Know

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LATEST - The Skins We Want

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Release Date

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Limited-Time Arcade Mode

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New Skins?

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Weekly Challenges

We're not too far away from the start of the Overwatch 2021 Archives Event.

Every year, Blizzard gives fans another insight into the fantastic narrative behind their six-versus-six hero shooter with their Archives Event.

This year isn't going to be any different. With new skins, a new PvE mode, and a whole lot more coming, we're diving into everything you can expect to see from the 2021 Archives Event in Overwatch.

LATEST - The Skins We Want

Each year, Overwatch's Archives Event throws a handful of lore-related cosmetics at fans in an effort to draw them into their monetisation schemes.

Annoyingly, more often than not, it works fantastically. Overwatch's unique cast of characters is truly wonderful and a skin for your "Main" is always welcome.

This year, we currently don't have too much information about what part of the Overwatch Lore the Archives event will focus on. That doesn't mean we can't mention a few skins we'd like, though...

Firstly, the inclusion of a Military Zarya skin would be fantastic. We know she is an ex-Weightlifter and we've had a few skins that relate to both her Russian heritage and her athleticism. However, we're yet to have a skin that reflects any of her military services.

We know this isn't key to her character and might not result in the most unusual appearance, but it would be cool to see Blizzard's take on Russian military fatigues.

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Another set of cosmetics we'd love to see is a Deadlock McCree and Deadlock Ashe. We can't imagine their appearance would change all that much, but it could be fun to explore the earlier days of Overwatch's two gunslingers.

If anything Deadlock-related was planned for the Archives Event, then we could see a younger version of another Overwatch hero they might have crossed paths with.

The Deadlock Gang came to an end after being busted by a Blackwatch-era Overwatch. So... Although we already have quite a few Blackwatch cosmetics it isn't outside the realms of possibility that we could get a couple more.

Release Date

If we look back at previous years, we can get a little bit of an insight into when we should expect the Overwatch 2021 Archives Event to drop.

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Blizzard often updates their game within a certain "rough time", but it is very rare that a seasonal event will start on the same date exactly as it did last year.

For the most part, the Archives Event begins in April. However, last year, this was moved up to mid-March.

Overwatch Archives Event Soldier: 76 Formal  76
FORMAL - Soldier: 76 is looking fresh-faced here!

With this in mind, we should expect to see the 2021 Archives Event drop in Overwatch between mid-March and mid-April.

It is hard to predict anything beyond this at the moment, but it would be worth saving your coins up now!

Limited-Time Arcade Mode

The main feature of the Archives Event is the PvE, lore-focused arcade modes that become available with each limited-time event. These are always limited to four-player groups, as opposed to the traditional six-player teams in Overwatch.

These began with Uprising, taking place on Kings Row, and each year adds a new PvE experience on a familiar location.

Overwatch Archives Event Uprising Null Sector
UPRISING - The first PvE Archives Event was released in 2017, a year after launch

For the most part, these either take place against Null Sector or Talon and each one features a mixture of units and two playlist options: Fixed or All Heroes.

Fixed Heroes is the way the event "happened". For example, Retribution limits the four-player squad to Moira, McCree, Reaper, and Genji.

All Heroes, as you might imagine, opens up the same PvE mission to the full Overwatch Roster.

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There is currently no information about what the next Archives Event PvE playlist will be. However, all the old PvE missions will be available for you to replay during the event.

New Skins?

As good as the limited-time PvE mode is, everyone's always talking about the skins.

Blizzard has cultivated such a rich roster of characters, all with stellar voice-work and gameplay, and continue to develop them with the addition of new cosmetics.

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In particular, the Archives Event adds lore-relevant skins to the game and can offer players an insight into the history of their favourite Overwatch heroes.

Last year, we got King Jamison and Sniper Ana. But, what about 2021?

These skins are often revealed by the Overwatch Twitter Account ahead of the event.

Overwatch Archives Event Ana Sniper
SNIPER - A new Ana skin is always welcome in our books

Currently, there is no other information about the new skins we might see. Who do you think deserves a skin?

We think Brigitte should get one, for sure! Although, that might just be because we want to see those Sweedish guns on someone other than Torbjorn...

Weekly Challenges

Last year, Blizzard added their newly-developed Weekly Challenge system to the Archives Event.

Nowadays, each week of a limited-time event follows a similar format of Weekly Challenges and we can imagine the 2021 Archives Event coming to Overwatch is going to be the same.

Each week has three challenge milestones for players to complete:

  • Win 3 Games
  • Win 6 Games
  • Win 9 Games

Which will reward the following:

  • Event Player Icon
  • Event Spray
  • Event Epic Skin

Although there is no word on what these will look like just yet, we expect this year's Archives Event to follow the trend and include these Weekly Challenges.

Keep an eye on Blizzard's Official Overwatch Archives Event Page for more information on the event in the coming weeks.

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