Blizzard, once again, avoids giving fans an Overwatch 2 Release Date

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Overwatch 2 still doesn't have a release date, despite coverage on Blizzard's upcoming sequel starting to pick up. Do we know why we haven't heard anything new yet about the Overwatch 2 release date? Not really.

What does it mean, though? We have the latest below...

Overwatch 2 Release Date - What We Know


So... We don't really know a whole lot about Overwatch 2's release date right now. Why is that, though? Development looks like it's going well and release dates have been offered on a lot less in the past.

Well... We can't really say but we can only assume that work behind the scenes is far from done.

Overwatch 2 is going to follow the same format as Overwatch gameplay-wise, but there's going to be a lot more PvE narrative-based content right from the off. It's also changing the way PvP works, opting for five-man teams rather than a six-person match-up.

Overwatch 2 Release Date Reinhardt
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LOOKING FINE - The longer hair suits Reinhardt, doesn't it

With Blizzard opting for one Tank per team going forwards, this is going to change the meta drastically. Even if they kept every hero the same, which they're not, there's a lot of reliance on two-tank strategies and counters which has been effectively thrown out the window.

At the moment though, we don't know when this will be implemented as we have no idea when Overwatch 2 is coming out. We're expecting sometime in the middle of 2022, though... Allegedly, another Overwatch 2 Development Update is dropping later this year.


Latest Development Update

We didn't get a release date for Overwatch 2 in the latest Development Update, but we did get a new look at Torbjorn. That makes it all worthwhile, right?

If, for some unknown reason, you don't like Torbjorn... We also got a look at some of the new maps coming to Overwatch 2, an update on some Hero Ability changes and some epic Concept Art from the Blizzard team.

As promised though... Torbjorn. It's a few minor changes, but they're not bad ones. It's Eggman-esque, right?

Okay, now we've got that out of the way...

New York City, Toronto, Rome, Rio and Monte Carlo have all been confirmed to be arriving in Overwatch 2 as new locations. They all look pretty great and you can check out Toronto and Rio below:


This is all well and good, but we're finally getting more information about the Hero Ability changes that are coming with Overwatch 2.

We now know that Mei's Endothermic Blaster is going to be more direct going forwards, rather than freezing enemies. In addition to this, Winston's Tesla Cannon is getting an Alt-Fire which can be used to snipe weak opponents.