The Among Us Airship Map Is Playable Now

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The next major Among Us update is here, and it brings a ton to the table, including the biggest map in the game yet!

Here's what you need to know about the new Among Us Airship Update.

LATEST - Airship Update Now Live in Among Us

The Airship Update is the biggest piece of new content in Among Us in a long time - offering a new map, new tasks, skins, hats, and more!

You can hop into an Among Us game now to try out the new changes, and the biggest map the game has ever had.

Free Hats Are Coming With The Update

We're still waiting on the Airship Map to arrive for Among Us, but we do know that we're getting a few new free hats with the next update so we can wait a little bit!

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Below, you can check out the Tweet from Among Us that showcases the Rubber Glove, Ponytail and Zipper.

The Airship Map is still due to launch on March 31st and we're expecting to hear more from Innersloth soon about when exactly it's coming!

Release Date

It has been revealed that the next map to come to Among Us will be an Airship.

In a recent tweet, the Among Us developers announced the release date as March 31st.

#TheAirship is coming.
this NEW map is our biggest one yet, including:
  • all new tasks
  • different starting rooms
  • preliminary account system
  • more!!!


Check out the new trailer for the Airship map below.

New Features

The new update will allow players to choose which room they want to start in, rather than everyone starting in the same location.

A new account moderation will be implemented too, which will allow players to stop toxic players from joining their games.

It should work similarly to a block system, which is going to be incredibly useful as it is quite common to come across players using racist, sexist, or homophobic language in the meetings.

New Death Animation

There aren't many death animations in the game currently, which means it doesn't take long to see them all.

In the next update there will be a new laserbeam animation, which should be really fun to see.

Free Hats

Since the new map was delayed and took longer than expected to release, the developers will be releasing a few new hats for players to choose from to say sorry for the delay.


So with a new map, animations, hats and more, how much is this going to cost?

Well...nothing, this update will be 100% free which is fantastic news and it is great to see the developers willing to expand and maintain the game despite already having players' money for the game.

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